Crystal Infusion Bottle

for water, coffee, tea & fruit blends

Welcome to Crystals Of Eden

Crystals Of Eden offers products to energise and heal your mind, body and soul with the power of crystals. We believe that a holistic and innovative approach to health is all that is needed, regardless of our lifestyle. 

Our mission is to help make a difference and meaningful connections with individuals, as well as create a positive impact in the world.

Love from our customers

I love being able to use this one bottle for my morning coffee, tea or a refreshing fruit infused water. Being able to remove both ends of the bottle to wash thoroughly is so convenient, unlike others that I could never get right into. I love that I can switch the crystals with my own depending on my mood as well… This bottle ticks all the boxes for me, which
makes me want to have my cocktails and wines out of it too!!


I bought this as a gift for mum and I had to get her a new one as I couldn’t stop using it for myself! Beautiful quality and I love how you can change the crystals so easily!


I love that I can infuse my water with the power of crystal energy all day long!
This is the perfect eco-friendly bottle for anyone who wants healthy structured water and do good for our planet! High quality and an affordable price!


I am hopeless at remembering to drink water throughout the day. Now that I have the  Crystal Infusion Bottle it makes me want to show it off as it is so pretty and I love how earthy it is with the lids made from bamboo.


I loved it so much that I bought one for all my bridesmaids as a thank you gift! We all need to stay hydrated and detox till the wedding, right?! So stunning!


Love the crystals and the variety I get with it! This was a fantastic investment especially with bonus Amethyst Oil Roller bottle it comes with! I love, love, love carrying my Infusion Bottle everywhere I go!