What is a Crystal Infusion Bottle?

Crystal Infusion Bottles have many names… crystal infused water, gem water and elixir water. It is a type of water bottle that holds a unique glass gem chamber with 100% natural crystals inside. The natural crystals impart elements and energy to the drinking water, which help improve mental health and the body’s overall physical state every time you take a sip. For centuries, crystal infused energised water has been used in healing rituals to help manifest intentions and restore a person’s mind, body & soul. It helps with wellbeing, hydration and overall happiness.  


How do I use my Crystal Infusion Bottle?

It’s super easy to use the Crystal Infusion Bottle. Simply pour your desired beverage into the bottle and enjoy the healing properties that your crystal is infusing. For an added benefit – spend a few seconds being in a still, mindful space as you take your sips of tea/coffee or fruit infused water. Take your time to breathe & reflect. Be mindful. Mentally repeat a positive affirmation to yourself to help manifest intentions. It’s amazing what a few moments of stillness can do for your wellbeing. You’re now ready to tackle the rest of your day!

How do I clean my Crystal Infusion Bottle?

Give your bottle a wash before use. Frequent cleaning of the crystal infusion bottle is necessary to prevent microbial growth on the wet surfaces.

The glass piece can be washed in a dishwasher, however we do recommend washing by hand using warm water and dishwashing liquid. The bamboo lids, silicone, gempod and the infuser/strainer basket should be washed by hand only.

Remove the gemstones from the gempod before you clean the bottle. Simply unscrew the bamboo base of the bottle and gently remove the silicone lid (seal) which holds your gemstones inside the glass gempod.

We recommend storing your bottle with the lid off. This will help keep your bottle looking and smelling fresh. Allow your bottle to air dry completely with the lid open. This will help to avoid unwanted moisture build up in your bottle and around the seal.

While you are cleaning your bottle, we also recommend you to cleanse and ‘charge’ your crystals with your intentions and desires before drinking. See tips on how to do so below, that way, the energy will flow through your body with every sip you take. Enjoy the bottle as a tool for manifestation.

TIP: To remove lime scale and stains from tea or coffee from the strainer or glass, put baking soda on a cloth or old toothbrush and gently clean your infuser and/or glass bottle.


How frequently do I have to cleanse and charge the crystals?

We recommend cleansing the gemstones once a month. That way you know that your crystals are vibrating at their highest vibration possible.

Crystal care: There are a number of ways to cleanse and ‘charge’ your crystals, depending on your preference. For example:

  1. Expose them under the full moonlight overnight
  2. Use a smudging herb such as white sage
  3. Charge in the sunlight for 20-30 minutes
  4. Surround the stone with its more energetic counterparts; such as using a selenite disk to place your crystals on

When all cleansed, the crystals should feel energetically and physically lighter to the touch.


How do I take care of my Crystal Infusion Bottle?

Maintaining your bottle is super easy and hassle free.

Your Crystal Infusion Bottle is made of durable, eco-friendly Borosilicate glass, so please remember that just like other glass products, you should always handle it with care.

Your bottle has a convenient neoprene carry case so you can take it wherever your day takes you. We do recommend you taking care of your bottle when putting it in your handbag or backpack (especially without the carry case) as there are often other objects in there that can damage or break it and to be careful when placing your bag down with the bottle inside it.

We recommend storing your bottle with the lids off. This will help keep your bottle looking and smelling fresh. Allow your bottle to air dry completely with the lids open. This will help to avoid unwanted moisture build up in your bottle and around the seal.

Avoid using fizzy liquids such as mineral water and soft drinks as this can cause excessive pressure build up in your bottle which can lead to breakage.

Make sure you fill your bottle to 1/4 of the way with room temperature water before adding any boiling water. Allow a few minutes for the steam to escape before putting the lid back on.

Make sure you add water to your bottle before dropping in any ice cubes. Do not put your bottle in the freezer.


Are Crystal Infusion Bottles safe?

When using your Crystal Infusion Bottle, you can use the provided crystals or any other crystals, as they never touch the drinking water. Since the crystals are not in the drinking water it is safe to use any type of crystal, and you don’t need to be afraid that the crystals/gemstones are leaching toxins into the water. 

(Beware: Some crystals can be toxic and water-solvent so please be careful and research for safety if you experiment with DIY crystal infused water or even soaking crystals in your bath water! Many stones including turquoise, lapis lazuli, fluorite, calcite and selenite must not be soaked in water.)

Just be mindful if you are using soft crystals that will corrode when they come in contact with water. Make sure the gem pod is completely dry after washing before you add the gemstones, and that the bottom lid is closed before filling up your bottle with water/tea or coffee.


How do the Crystals OR Gemstones affect the water although they are not in contact with the liquid?

Many people think that crystal water or gemwater is made in a process that includes minerals dissolving in the water. This is not the case at all. The gemstones affect the water by subtle radiation. Just like sun rays or magnetic rays, the Crystal stones energy pass through glass and starts the healing process.


Why not prepare the Crystal Infusion Water by placing the Crystal Stones OR Gemstones directly in the water?

While rose quartz and amethyst may be safe to put in water, there are other gemstones that will be permanently damaged by water and will also leach hazardous substances into the water.

In history this is how people made gemwater, but now we know that there is no need for the gemstone to be in direct contact with the water in order to charge it. Now we recommend the safe and healthy way by using your ‘Crystals of Eden’ Crystal Infusion Bottle where the crystals never touch the drinking water.


How long does it take to make Crystal Infusion Water OR Gemwater?

We recommend that you let the gemstones charge the beverage for 7 – 10 minutes to get the full effect.


How much water does the Crystal Infusion Bottle hold?

The bottle holds approximately 550ml or 18.6oz or liquid.


Can the Crystal Infusion Bottle break?

Our Crystals of Eden Infusion Bottle is made of high borosilicate glass which is tough, but there is still a chance of breakage. We recommend you to handle your bottle with care and follow the cleaning & care tips we have mentioned.


What is the Crystal Infusion Bottle made of?

Crystal of Eden – Crystal Infusion Bottle is made of Highest Grade Borosilicate Glass, making them thermal shock resistant. The bottle itself is BPA-free glass, the lid and base are made of bamboo and specifically designed to prevent leakage! With an opening at both ends, the glass bottle is very easy to thoroughly clean.

The Gempod is also made of glass, not plastic like some other brands. It provides peace of mind as the crystal stones will not release any toxins into your elixir crystal charged water due to original patent design of the glass gempod. The Crystal Infusion Bottle gift set comes with 4 varieties of 100% natural crystal stone  gempod allows you to change the included 4 crystal varieties in one pod or change to crystals of your own. The crystal stones are 100% natural and sourced from mainly Brazil & Mozambique. 

Clear quartz: sourced from Brazil

Rose quartz: sourced from Mozambique 

Strawberry quartz: sourced from Mozambique 

Green Aventurine: sourced from Brazil

Amethyst: sourced from Brazil


Can the Crystal Infusion Bottle withstand heat or cold? 

Crystal Infusion Bottle is made of Highest Grade Borosilicate Glass. With temperature capability range of -20c to 100c, the double walls make it no issue to easily drink cold water/icy smoothie or boiling hot coffee/tea maker without burning your hands or dropping the bottle as it will not SWEAT.

Do not place the bottle in the freezer but you can keep it in the fridge at around 4 degrees Celsius. Just make sure to place the hot bottle inside the neoprene sleeve as it can get too warm to hold immediately after and it will help retain desired temperature when you are on the go. A good idea is to add the boiling water after 1/4 of warm room water.