About Us

Here at Crystals of Eden, we believe that a holistic and innovative approach to health is all that is needed to heal & maintain our mind, body and soul in excellent condition, regardless of our lifestyle. Our mission is to help make a difference and meaningful connections with individuals, as well as create a positive impact in the world.

For centuries, Crystal Infusion Water has been used for healing rituals to restore a persons body and mind. Crystal water has been known to help with overall well being, emotional healing and happiness.

With such alarming concerns of dehydration in the world (3 out of 4 people not drinking enough fluids daily) our reusable Crystal Infusion glass water bottle is designed to be taken with you, on the go, meaning healing and hydration will always be with you when you need it. Plus, our stunning design makes it easier to drink your liquids to help you feel fit, hydrated and rejuvenated inside and out, throughout the day.

We all know that plastic bottles aren’t just bad for our environment (each one lasting 450 years in the sea with claims there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050), they’re also bad for our health with harmful chemicals leaching into our beverage, we are unknowingly swallowing and ingesting toxins.

Well the good news is our Crystal Infusion Bottles are made of durable borosilicate glass, a fully sustainable and recyclable resource which also provides fantastic environmental benefits like a longer life cycle, lower carbon footprint and never loses its quality. So our glass bottles have an endless recycling life and made from BPA free materials. No point in trying to 'heal & hydrate' your body if you are just adding more toxins through plastic bottles. 

In addition to the crystal healing & hydration benefits, glass will preserve the vitamins and minerals found in your delicious detox fruit, smoothie & herbal tea infusions... they do say everything tastes better in glass than plastic!  

Go ahead and get creative with you fruit strainer & infuser basket duo... there are endless ways to create Infused Water (or Detox Water), stay hydrated and drink your vitamins while healing your mind, body & soul.

So welcome to your journey with Crystals of Eden...