All About Crystals...

Healing Crystals and Gemstones have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilisations. They have healing properties that help to balance the body, mind and spirit. These healing energies are then passed onto us through the Crystals & Gemstones.

Healing Crystals & Gemstones work best when you manifest a specific intention for transformation and allow the energy to follow your thoughts. There are many different crystal meanings that support a range of intentions, from wealth and abundance, balance and vitality, rest and relaxation, and more.

💎 Find out below which of our Crystal Infusion Bottle's gemstones and crystal varieties are right for you...

Rose Quartz

Emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth, self-healing & inner peace.
Used to call in your soul-mate
Restores trust, heartbreak and harmony in relationships
Helps with forgiveness and alleviate grief
Increases self-worth & self-esteem

Affirmations to use:
‘I open my heart to give and receive love’ 
‘I have deep love and respect for myself and others’ 

Strawberry Quartz

Spreads positive energy
Calming & soothing for those living in a fast-paced environment
Provides focus & clarity on what you are seeking
Helps with emotional healing, anger & resentment
Amplifies, radiates & attracts love

Affirmations to use:
‘I am worthy & deserving of love in my life’
‘I love myself unconditionally & accept myself as I am today’

Clear Quartz

Manifestation power and ability to attract more of what you want
Helps to see things more clearly by removing mental blocks
Aids in concentration and memory
A force field of healing negative ions & protection of negative energy
A powerful healing stone that cleanses and enhances the organs and soul

Affirmations to use:
‘I am crystal clear about the thoughts and feelings I want to magnify’
‘I will look at things from a new positive perspective, free from judgement’

Green Aventurine

Attracts good luck, success, prosperity & wealth
Soothes anxiety, stress & irritation
Heals emotional trauma & physical well-being
Boosts creativity & leadership qualities
Maintains energy & optimism even in challenging times

Affirmations to use:
‘I am ready to make the most of everyday’
‘I welcome wealth & abundance into my life. Let good luck follow me everywhere I go’

🌟This stone urges one to get out of their comfort zone and take on new opportunities & adventures to help them grow as an individual...


Enhances intuition, spirituality & meditation
Extremely protective
Natural stress reliever
Purifies negative energy in surroundings
Calms the mind & spirit
Helps overcome bad addictions
Protects from nightmares, insomnia & migraines
Energising healer on a physical level & aid in the recovery of illnesses

Affirmations to use:

‘I let go of the attachments & rest in the truth’
‘I am calm, peaceful & relaxed in my mind, body & soul’
‘I am amazing in my own unique way’ 




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